Hunting Me, Hunting You



4 to 8


15-90 Min






1 Meeple means the game is fairly easy while 5 Meeples means the game is very challenging

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Players in Hunting Me, Hunting You secretly dish out damage in order to hunt their target. They must also pay attention to where and when damage was dealt to be able to identify who it is that’s hunting them!

After Target Cards are dealt out by the all-knowing ‘Curator’ role player begins, starting with the appointed ‘Leader’ (a role which changes every phase).
Play takes place over two phases, which repeat until the round is over – The Night Phase and The Day Phase.

During The Night Phase players take turns as the only player with their eyes open – placing up to two damage cubes on other players’ character cards. As each player ‘wakes up’ they will see where damage has been placed but not necessarily who did what.

The Day Phases sees players doing one of three actions:

Reloading – collecting more cubes, up to a maximum of two.

Spying – looking at another player’s Target Card.
Identifying – accusing another player of being their attacker.

When identifying, players announce who they think has them as their target. If they are correct the accused player dies and is out of the round (not the game). If they are wrong it is instead they who die!

Games are played in tournaments, in which players compete to win the most coins – with players getting paid after every round based on what they achieved.

It’s a game about trickery, deduction and killing your friends for money. 5-8 players, with a 4 player variant.

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