Scrabble Duplicate





2 to 6


30-45 Min

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1 Meeple means the game is fairly easy while 5 Meeples means the game is very challenging

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Go on give it a go, you know you want to..

Scrabble Duplicate plays similar to Scrabble in that you’re trying to create words from letter tiles that will score you more points than anyone else — but players are using the same letters each round and not everyone will place their words on the game board!

In more detail, the game includes one hundred letter tiles, as in the original Scrabble game. On a turn, someone flips seven letter tiles face up, then each player writes a word using some combination of these letters on their personal dry erase board, trying to score as many points as possible. You write down the score for your personal word, then whoever has the highest score uses the face-up tiles to place their word on the shared central game board. Everyone else then writes this word on their dry erase board in place of whatever they had.

You then refill the tiles so you again have seven face up, then each create a new word on your board, building off the word already there. Collectively you’ll build a shared interlocking grid of words, but you’re scoring individually for your creations. Who will up with the most points?

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