The Dog Game





3 to 6


30 Min

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The Dog Game is the “pawesome” family board game (with doggos)! This game asks the question dog lovers have pondered for years: “what do dogs think about?” Easy to learn and full of hilarious fun, the game begins as players compete to match doggo thoughts to crazy canine pictures. Players vote on the best answer, and whoever wins gets a doggy treat! With three possible categories to choose from, you can select Dog Thoughts, Doggo Dilemmas or Pupper Pals. Choose a Dog Thought card and everyone selects a dog picture to match. Draw a Doggo Dilemmas card and players get creative! Using Dry-Erase Cards and Markers, everyone fills in the blank on the prompt card with a silly word or phrase! Select Pupper Pals and players choose the dog that would most likely belong to the person mentioned on the card. Play The Dog Game and you could find out answers to the most pressing dog questions like: “What is the meaning of Life?””Do good and evil exist?””Who’s a good boy?” Answer these doggy questions and you could win the most treats!

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