Waters Edge



2 to 4


20-45 Min






1 Meeple means the game is fairly easy while 5 Meeples means the game is very challenging

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Welcome to Waters Edge, the game with a catch!
This brand new card game invites you to spend a week in Waters Edge, a tiny town tucked away on the edge of the seas. Cast your nets and keep the ice house stocked, ready to feed the town folk as the buildings grow… but watch out for storms, whales and cheeky seagulls!

Game play cycles through day and night presenting different challenges along the way – will you focus on completing your lighthouse to unlock night fishing or work on increasing the size of your town and catching the most fish?

The objective of the game is to gain as many points as possible in the timescale available. Points are gained by collecting, preserving and selling fish and expanding the town. Game play lasts for one ‘week’ with each day made up of 6 rounds of play; 4 day-time and 2 night-time.
Certain actions are only possible at night as they require a source of light i.e. using the Full Moon card or completing a Lighthouse, so tactical thinking is a must as the rounds move through the day.
How will you manage your town as time progresses?

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