Doctor Who: The Time Wars Family Board Game



2 to 6


30 Min






1 Meeple means the game is fairly easy while 5 Meeples means the game is very challenging

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Go on give it a go, you know you want to..

“Flip the board, race through time, save the universe!”

It’s every player for themselves, as they race through time, collecting enemies and out-smarting their opponents in a bid to be first to the finish. Start the game with a Mission card, detailing how many of each enemy they need to collect. Answer the trivia questions to collect your foe and head to the finish to win, but watch out, the other players will be trying to thwart your efforts by flipping the board, or battling you for your enemy cards. It’s designed for Doctor Who die hards and those who just love playing games with family and friends. Go on travel through time who know where it will take you!

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