Mars Horizon: Blast Off!



1 to 4


60-90 Min






1 Meeple means the game is fairly easy while 5 Meeples means the game is very challenging

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An authentic, tactical yet fun card game about leading a space agency from its first rocket launch through to the first mission to Mars.

In Mars Horizon: Blast Off! each player is aiming to complete the first crewed mission to Mars.

To achieve this galactic task you run your own space agency and must make all the key decisions of what rockets to build, what missions to run, where to spend resources and what risks to take to make space-history.

Will you be the first to successfully launch a satellite, to put the first person in space, to land on the moon or finally complete a crewed mission to Mars? Or will your family or friends get there first? The sky’s the limit provided you’ve got the vision and the nerves that space exploration demands!

Mars Horizon: Blast Off! Is easy to learn yet full of strategic challenges with plenty of risks and rewards. There is a whole new red planet to play for! Based on our many months of intense research for both this and our digital sister project (called ‘Mars Horizon’ too) and drawing from the support we’ve had from both the UK Space Agency and other space organisations, the game is as authentic as it can be while ensuring all the players will be having fun.

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