Squirrel Rush



2 to 6


15-30 Min






1 Meeple means the game is fairly easy while 5 Meeples means the game is very challenging

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Go on give it a go, you know you want to..

Squirrel Rush is a tale of forest tricksters who are so busy climbing trees and hiding in holes. and engaging in fun and games that they forgot about building food reserves for winter! They have only one day left to gather nuts, acorns and chestnuts from the forest glade, which has all kinds of nuts hidden under a blanket of autumn leaves, which means that only cunning creatures can find them all!

Before starting, players build the glade playing area from tiles. During play, players help the squirrels gather reserves for winter. Using wits and logical reasoning, they have to choose the best way to act ? the best way meaning whatever brings in the most food! Players can use various special actions to help them achieve their goal.

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