Planet JJs Geekery is officially part of the Pokémon Play! Network. This allows us to run many fun and official events from Pre Releases of new TCG Sets to League Cups allowing competitive players to earn Championship points!

To maintain good standing with Pokémon Play! Network we need to register players who come to our store to play. All we need to register players is their name, date of birth, and their Pokémon Player ID!!

To get your official Pokémon Player ID go to:

Its a very quick and simple process! Having a Pokémon Player ID allows you to Log in to Pokémon apps, sign up for newsletters from Pokémon and also attend events!!

If you have attended any of our Pokémon Events and have not provided us with your Pokémon Player ID already, please use the form below to support Planet JJs Geekery and our Pokémon Events!!
Thank you in advance…

Your Pokémon Player ID is a 7 digit number (e.g. 1234567) you have received from (

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Booking Is Essential To Guarantee Your Space!!

* Please remember if you do not receive email confirmation of your booking then your booking has not been confirmed. If you haven’t heard anything back from us within 48 hours please feel free to contact us to check