Planet JJs Geekery is very excited to start hosting Official Pokémon Play! Pokémon GO Events!!!

These Pokémon GO events are open to all players regardless of experience level or skill. Players will be using their their own devices, and will compete in player-versus-player battles in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO events are a great way to learn the game, improve battling skills, and get a feel for Pokémon GO competitive play (like GO League Challenges and GO League Cups) before beginning to compete in larger Pokémon GO tournaments.

For Pokémon GO League Challenges and Pokémon GO League Cups there will be the opportunity to gain Championship Points. These Championships Points are needed in order to be able to attend the larger Pokémon GO tournaments!!!

Pokémon GO Events

*** Important Information ***

Pokémon GO players attending events need to be aged 13 plus due to the Age of Digital Consent as indicated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Pokémon GO players attending events need to be at least Level 10 in the game and have unlocked the Friends List and Battle Request features.

The Pokémon GO League Challenge Tournament will be a Swiss format, best of 3 games, number of rounds will depend on number of players.

Pokémon GO League Challenge Tournament Entrance fee is £6 per person – each receiving 1 Prize Pack and top place winners will receive an additional Prize Pack*

Pokémon GO players will need to bring their own devices to events and are responsible for ensuring the device is fully functional, keeping the device charged during the event, and that the device and the Pokemon GO app are free from custom software and firmware

Pokémon GO players will also need to know how to use the screen recording function of their device, in order to record their games/matches. These recordings are only used if there is a technical malfunction or other concern during gameplay and a Judge needs to review the footage

Pokémon GO players teams need to consist of up to 6 Pokémon – details of all these Pokémon will need to be provided at registration of the event. Players will then choose 3 of these Pokémon to bring to battle. The player may change this chosen combination at the beginning of each new game. All Pokémon need to meet the CP requirements for the Great League (1,500 CP or less) to be legal for play.

Pokémon GO Team Lists will need to be provided before the event starts using the official form which can be found here –

It is the players responsibility to ensure that all Pokémon in their team are currently legal. Current banned list of Pokémon can be found here –

* Prize packs are subject to availability and subject to change (prize packs, booster packs, suitable alternatives…)

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Booking Is Essential To Guarantee Your Space!!

* Please remember if you do not receive email confirmation of your booking then your booking has not been confirmed. If you haven’t heard anything back from us within 48 hours please feel free to contact us to check

Get you Pokémon Player ID today to get the most out of your Pokémon experience – also you will need a Pokémon Player ID to attend all official Tournaments, Challenges, and Cups!! To get you Pokemon Player ID go to –

What is Pokémon GO??

Like the idea of Pokémon GO but not sure what it is, or how you get into it? No problem have a look here to find out more!!