Great Board Games For Younger Players

Here at Planet JJs we wish to welcome all board game players, new or veteran players, old and young. Our GameDex contains a large majority of all our games available in store and most of them are recommended for ages 8+, which is great for everyone aged 8 and above.

However we do have a family section, where we have a number of games that are suitable for those who aren’t 8 just yet. Below is a list of most of these games (subject to availability in store) that we have available with an indication of the age rating allowing you an idea what might and might not be suitable.

Snakes & Ladders and Ludo (3 years +)

Buckaroo (4 years +)

Tumblin Monkeys (4 years +)

Frustration (4 years +)

Bendomino (5 years +)

Game of Life Junior (5 years +)

Pokemon Yahtzee Jr (5 years +)

Monopoly Junior (5 years +)

Ubongo! Junior (5 years +)

Junior Labyrinth (5 years +)

Articulate for Kids (6 years +)

Bellz (6 years +)

Sorry! Disney Edition (6 years +)

5 Second Rule Jr (6 years +)

Guess Who? (6 years +)

Coppit (6 years +)

Scrabble Junior (6 years +)

Rat A Tat Cat (6 years +)

Pictureka! (6 years +)

Harry Potter Labyrinth (7 years +)

Junior Pictionary (7 years +)

Pokemon Labyrinth (7 years +)

Obviously these games are only our suggestions, some will be more suitable than others depending who is playing! However its a good starting point. Think there is a game we are missing? Let us know!

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