T.O.G Night?  What is a T.O.G Night?

Well simply it is our Thursday Open Gaming Night!  It’s very exciting, it’s great fun and it’s open to everyone.

For a small charge per person (£4 – just for those taking part in our T.O.G Nights) you can come along, meet like minded people and play a game from our collection (or even bring your own game to play) with others. The whole idea is for people to mix and play games, so be prepared to play games with some great people and make new friends.

Our T.O.G Night is open to those who have been playing games for years and also those who have only just started their wonderful journey into board gaming – all are welcome!

How does it all work?  Well, if you are interested and want to come along and play games with other people, complete our T.O.G Booking Form to ensure your place (and it also allows us to know how many people are coming – so this is very important!), then turn up at 19:00 on your T.O.G Night, meet the people you will be playing with and get cracking on the game!

For each table we have available for the T.O.G we will have a selected game from our collection, we will post on Social Media beforehand each weeks suggested games, so you can check them out online beforehand and maybe watch a how to play video so you get a head start on knowing the game! Then let us know which game you wish to play in advance and we will add you to the table – if there is availability.

However, these are suggested games so feel free to bring in your own or choose a different game that everyone on the table is happy to play!

This is the perfect opportunity to play something new, revisit an old classic, or share your love of your favourite game with others.

Each T.O.G Night starts at 19:00 and will finish around 22:00 ish – allowing for all games to be finished!

So, what are you waiting for? Register your interest below now! And we can’t wait to see you.

Happy Gaming!

Want To T.O.G? Use This Booking Form!

Any questions, just ask us, either on Social Media Channels or through our Contact Form

Also remember we do BYOB (corkage £5 per person), if you fancy it on your T.O.G Night!

And don’t forget we have a selection of ‘How to Play’ YouTube videos from some super channels, so check out our playlist and see if the game you want to play is on there!

Children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Only Food & Drink purchased at Planet JJs can be consumed on the premises, Thank You for your understanding.