Sharpen your pencils, update your character sheets, and get rolling those d20s – Planet JJs wants to take you on an adventure through the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons! Whether you are new to D&D or a seasoned adventurer who wants to start something new, come along and let’s see what happens…….

Planet JJs is running D&D sessions on Sunday & Tuesday evenings between 19:00 & 22:00 (ish), the cost is £5.00 per person per session.

We try to run campaigns that are suitable for people new to D&D and also for those who have some experience, we just want to welcome everyone to the worlds of D&D.

Space is limited, we will do our best to accommodate everyone, but it will be on a first come first serve basis – however if you don’t get in straight away please do not fear, your name will be committed to memory and put on top of the next group (or if any space opens up) as soon as we can, or as soon as another DM appears!

So, if you are interested in trying, or continuing with, Dungeons & Dragons please register your interest below and as soon as there is availability we will reach out and get things going. Please bear in mind a D&D campaign can run over a number of weeks, so it is a commitment – obviously we understand there could be a week here and there you can’t attend because of real life commitments but we do request you attend as much as you can to get the full experience, also your party of adventures will miss you lots…

As always any questions just let us know via our online form, social media, or email.

To Register Your Interest For D&D at Planet JJs Complete The Form Below:

In order to make sure we can provide the best adventure to you, once you have registered your interest we will be in contact just to check details, maybe give you some details, just so when we get to your session you can have the most time exploring the D&D world.  Also if you continue on this adventure we may continue to email bits and bobs related to the adventure. 

We are always on the look out for DMs to help us give the best D&D adventures to our customers. So if you love being a DM and want to do a campaign with us at Planet JJs please contact us!!