Sharpen your pencils, update your character sheets, and get rolling those d20s – Planet JJs wants to take you on an adventure through the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons! Whether you are new to D&D or a seasoned adventurer who wants to start something new, join our Discord Server (see below for more details), find a group and let’s see what happens…….

Planet JJs is mainly runs D&D sessions on Sunday & Tuesday evenings between 19:00 & 22:00 (ish) with the scope of a session happening on Saturday nights, the cost is £7.00 per person per session.

We try to run campaigns that are suitable for people new to D&D and also for those who have some experience, we just want to welcome everyone to the worlds of D&D.

Planet JJs currently has a thriving Discord Server, where people have been using it to geek out, chat, and organise games (Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, RPGs, and more).  So we thought we would create a ‘Notice Board’ area in the RPG section where people can go and say they are looking to join an adventure and DM/GMs can say they are looking to run an adventure – then we will try to host it (obviously if you get a group formed check with us for availability)!  And current DM/GMs can then post when they have current spaces that need filling.

How do you get to access this?  First step follow this link and join our Discord Server

Once you have joined the server, if you go to the server-roles channel you can choose which roles you are interested in, for RPGs click on the jester looking icon.  You will then have access to the RPGs channel, head over to the notice-board area and post your interest!!!  Honestly it sounds more complicated than it is…..

We just want to bring likeminded people together and get as many of you as playing as possible!!

As always any questions just let us know via our online form, social media, or email (