Wasn’t Planet JJs Geekery a Board Game Cakery?

That’s right In July ’21 Planet JJs Board Game Cakery hit Tonbridge High Street, where we opened our doors and started building a wonderful community who we fully cherish. But things change, circumstances adjust, and the world moves on at a great rate of knots creating new and unexpected challenges. This has meant we needed to be fluid and adjust the ways we work, focus on our community and find ways to do the things we love.

So Planet JJs Board Game Cakery has morphed in to Planet JJs Geekery – we are still very geeky (if not more), we are still cakery, we still run events (all be it at a slightly reduced level due to space), and we still have a ever growing retail section. The only real change is that our available gaming space is reduced, we no longer take walk ins, and when booking your gaming session you need to choose your games first before your booking is confirmed!

How do I make a booking now?

If you are thinking of coming to us for a regular booking or a one off booking please be aware that we have very limited space for bookings around our events schedule – for more information please view our Coming To Us? page and details on how to make a booking enquiry….

Where is Planet JJs Geekery Located?

Planet JJs Geekery can be found at 11 Quarry Hill Parade, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2HR.

We are less than a 5 minute walk from Tonbridge train station, and are right next door to Tonbridge Police Station, so best behavior!!

How much does it cost to play games at Planet JJs?

There is a basic Entrance Fee of £6.50 per person which covers a 3 Hour Gaming Session!!!

If you are looking for only a 2 Hour Gaming Session we can offer a reduced Entrance Fee of £5.50 per person.

If you require a longer session, beyond the 3 hours, please contact us directly to see what we can work out.

We do not accept walk-ins, and booking requests need to be made the day before the booking, ideally 24 hours.

Can we bring our own food & drink to Planet JJs?

No. Food and drink not purchased at Planet JJs may not be consumed on the premises. You are free to consume food and drink not purchased at Planet JJs outside the shop, but within the shop only food and drink purchased at Planet JJs can be consumed there, excluding bottle water.

There are various reasons for this decision, the main one is to control what food allergens are present within our store. All our sweet treats are home baked and made for our store, a lot of time and effort has gone into ensure we follow food hygiene guidelines and control what allergens are present. The bringing in of external food into our premises presents extra risk we cannot control.

Planet JJs offers a range of hot and cold drinks, crisps, sweets, and home made sweet treats. This range of food and drink is simple and easy, to allow people to continue playing while they have a little snack/treat.

We ask everyone who attends our store to respect this, failure to do so could result in refusal of further service.

Can we bring our own games including RPGs and TCGs?

YES!! Yes you can, Planet JJs Geekery welcomes you. We love it when people organise a MtG Commander session with friends, or host their latest D&D Campaign, or even a cheeky afternoon of Pokémon TCG.

And if you and your friends want to meet regularly at Planet JJs contact us and lets see what we can do for you!!

Do you offer any discounts for RPG groups?

We like to think we already have very competitive pricing and offer great value for money! But we want to take it further, if you come to Planet JJs for an RPG session (a minimum of 3 hours) and there is 5 or more of you in the group the DM/GM plays for free!!!

Is there a car park?

Planet JJs does not have a car park, but being close to the centre of Tonbridge there are many public car parks near by that are only a few minutes away from us:

Waterloo Rd, Tonbridge TN9 2SN – Tonbridge & Malling Car Park
River Lawn Road, Tonbridge TN9 1EP – Tonbridge & Malling Car Park
Tonbridge Station Car Park, Priory Road, Tonbridge TN9 1SG

Good to know: Tonbridge & Malling Car Parks are free Monday to Saturday after 6pm and free at all other times including public holidays – which is awesome if you fancy a sneaky evening of gaming!!

When I attend an official Trading Card Event at Planet JJs Geekery (Pokémon, Magic the Gathering,…), do I have to use officially licensed cards?

Planet JJs Geekery is an official member of the Wizards Play Network and the Pokémon Play! Program, and as such we have to follow a number of required rules, which does include that participants of official events must use official and licensed cards.

With regards to proxies, where people print out cards from various sources and use these as proxy cards for playtesting (including purchasing playtest cards/proxy meant for casual play), in casual play sessions use of proxy cards is acceptable, if everyone playing is aware that proxies are being used, and the proxy cards are easily identifiable as proxy cards. Some “proxy” cards are so professionally made that they can pass as official cards to the untrained eye and are therefore effectively counterfeits. The production of these cards, for sale, is of course against the law.

There is no desire to police playtest cards made for personal, non-commercial use, even if that use takes place in a store. However, cards used in all sanctioned/official events must be authentic cards. If you are in doubt if you should use proxies or not probably best not too! We just ask that everyone respects the decisions of Planet JJs and the callings of any official/nominated Judges.

Do you cater for allergies and for vegans?

In a word, yes! We have various food and drink options that will be suitable for all, if there is something specific you would like, let us know in advance. If you would like more details or have any questions please contact us.

Is it helpful if I let you guys know that I can’t make my booking?

Being very honest, yes!! We home bake all our sweet treats and knowing what bookings we have on a particular day and how many people we are expecting helps us to calculate how much yumminess we will need in store for everyone. And when people don’t turn up for their booking food gets wasted and nobody wants that.

If you need to cancel your booking please us know; contact us.

Failure to notify us that you are not attending, could result in refusal of future bookings.

How long will you hold a booking for if I am running late?

Things happen, trains run late, heavy traffic, or you took too long in the shower – if we do not hear anything from you we will hold your table for 15 minutes from the agreed booking time, but if you let us know you are running late and what time you will be with us we can work something out as long as we have availability.

Do you serve alcohol or hot food?

At this time we do not serve/sell alcohol but we do allow BYOB! see other FAQ for more detail.

The food we offer revolves around sweet treats and snacks, all things we think that are ideal for when you are playing games.

We fancy a drink while playing board games – can we bring our own booze (wine/beer/cider)?

Great news, we can offer BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze – Obviously you need to be over 18!) at Planet JJs! For a small corkage fee (£5 per person) you can bring in your own wine & beer (sorry no spirits) to have and enjoy while you are playing board games – how awesome is that! All we ask is for is that our guests to remain Respectful, Responsible, and Sensible at all times. If you have any questions just ask!

Planet JJs management reserve the right to suspend, change, or remove this option at any time and if any guests are not respectful, responsible, and sensible you will be asked to leave.

While not an FAQ, Planet JJs Geekery Reserves The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone

While we are very open and encourage anyone to come along to our store, we feel we need to reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We want everyone who comes to our store to have fun and enjoy themselves. We encourage good sportsmanship and behavior and fully support ‘Be A Nice Human‘ – we expect everyone to demonstrate this by how they play and treat everyone else.

If you have previously attended our store and not demonstrated these behaviors or have been a disruption to an event (or other people) future bookings will be refused.

Opening Times @ Planet JJs Geekery
***For Browsing & Retail***





Evening Events Running



Evening Events Running



Evening Events Running



Evening Events Running



Evening Events Running



Evening Events Running

Advanced Dates Planet JJs is Closed

December 25th, December 26th, December 27th, December 28th, January 1st, January 2nd

Please Be Aware That We Are Unable To Accept Walk-ins or On The Day Booking For Gaming Sessions & Events…

All bookings made at Planet JJs need to be made the day before the actual booking is needed (ideally 24 hours) – Bookings made on the day will be refused due to lack of notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Booking requests are only processed between the hours of 10:00 & 18:00 and on the days Tuesday to SundayAny booking requests received after 18:00 will be classed as being received the next day.

Please remember only Food & Drink purchased at Planet JJs can be consumed in store.
Children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult

***Our Opening Times Are Subject To Change***