Is Planet JJs – Board Game Cakery just for gamers?

No it’s not, Planet JJs is for everyone – from the people who have never played a board game before, to those who have a board game collection of over 100. Planet JJs is a safe, fun, relaxed environment for all.

Why are board games so important?

We love board games, we love the fun they bring and the escapism they provide, but more importantly they bring us together. In this day and age we spend more time disconnected to each other while we try to digitally connect in a virtual world. Playing board games with friends, family, or others brings people together, something we all need. To quote Ben Maddox from an article in Tabletop Gaming 53:
‘What is the purpose of gaming? It is to jettison the ‘You’ and to focus whole heartedly on the ‘We’ and its the magic inside these boxes of wood, plastic and cardboard that will help us do it’

How much does it cost to play games at Planet JJs?

At Planet JJs we offer a flexible way to play board games, you pay per person per hour (subject to availability, booking is always recommended):

Tuesday to Friday Before 16:00 – £2.00 per person per hour
Tuesday to Friday After 16:00 – £2.50 per person per hour
Weekends & Bank Holidays – £2.50 per person per hour

Any Top Tips before coming to Planet JJs?

We want you to have the best time with us at Planet JJs, and there are a couple of things you can do to help us achieve this.

First, try and book a table with us first, this makes sure we have space for you when you come.

Second, have a look at our GameDex and try to choose a couple of games you would like to play, it’s good to have options and if one game is not available when you come you have a couple of back ups.

Third, no one likes homework, but when you have selected a couple of games check out our ‘How to Play’ Playlist on YouTube to see if we have any videos for your game, these videos will help you learn the game, saving valuable gaming time.

Lastly, just have fun!

Is there a car park?

Planet JJs does not have a car park, but being close to the centre of Tonbridge there are many public car parks near by that are only a few minutes away from us:

Waterloo Rd, Tonbridge TN9 2SN – Tonbridge & Malling Car Park
River Lawn Road, Tonbridge TN9 1EP – Tonbridge & Malling Car Park
Tonbridge Station Car Park, Priory Road, Tonbridge TN9 1SG

Good to know: Tonbridge & Malling Car Parks are free Monday to Saturday after 6pm and free at all other times including public holidays – which is awesome if you fancy a sneaky evening of gaming!!

Can we bring our own games?

Of course you can!!! Play your games, play our games – we don’t mind as long as everyone is having a good time. And if you have an RPG group that likes to meet regularly contact us about hosting!!

Do you take group bookings?

If you have a group over 6 that would like to make a booking please contact us directly to talk about what we can do for you.

Do I have to pay for a full hours’ worth of play time even though I haven’t used the full hour?

With our pay-as-you-play system you will pay for the time that you use, if you use under an hour we will generally just round it up to the nearest half an hour.

Do you allow parties/celebrations/work events?

Thinking of a birthday party, anniversary, team building event, or just a meeting – Planet JJs is flexible and adaptable to all events, contact us with your event details and lets see what we can do!

Can I reserve games?

When you complete your booking enquiry form there is a section where you can request a game for your booking. If the game in question is available 30 minutes before your booking we will set the game up for you on your table so you are ready to go when you arrive. However we can not guarantee that it will be available for your booking.

Do you cater for allergies and for vegans?

In a word, yes! We have various food and drink options that will be suitable for all, if there is something specific you would like, let us know in advance. If you would like more details or have any questions please contact us.

Is it helpful if I let you guys know that I can’t make my booking?

Being very honest, yes!! We home bake all our sweet treats and knowing what bookings we have on a particular day and how many people we are expecting helps us to calculate how much yumminess we will need in store for everyone. And when people don’t turn up for their booking food gets wasted and nobody wants that.

If you need to cancel your booking please us know; contact us.

How long will you hold a booking for if I am running late?

Things happen, trains run late, heavy traffic, or you took too long in the shower – if we do not hear anything from you we will hold your table for 15 minutes from the agreed booking time, but if you let us know you are running late and what time you will be with us we can work something out as long as we have availability.

Do you serve alcohol or hot food?

At this time we do not serve/sell alcohol but we do allow BYOB! see other FAQ for more detail.

The food we offer revolves around sweet treats and snacks, all things we think that are ideal for when you are playing board games.

We fancy a drink while playing board games – can we bring our own booze (wine/beer/cider)?

Great news, we can offer BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze – Obviously you need to be over 18!) at Planet JJs! For a small corkage fee (£5 per person and we will provide glasses) you can bring in your own wine & beer (sorry no spirits) to have and enjoy while you are playing board games – how awesome is that! All we ask is for is that our guests to remain Respectful, Responsible, and Sensible at all times. If you have any questions just ask!

Planet JJs management reserve the right to suspend, change, or remove this option at any time and if any guests are not respectful, responsible, and sensible you will be asked to leave.

Do you play Pokemon GO?

What a great question and yes we do. Planet JJs has its own account, so add us up as a friend and remember to send gifts daily!

Trainer Code: 3786 6594 1197

Are you COVID safe?

We make every effort to ensure we are as safe as we can be. Handwashing and hand sanitizers are available to all our customers, tables are fully cleaned down after use, games are either cleaned/sanitized after use or quarantined for 24 hours. Staff undertake regular COVID tests.

Our Standard ‘Pay-As-You-Play’ Fees & Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday before 16:00:
£2.00 per person per hour

Tuesday to Friday after 16:00:
per person per hour

Weekends (Bank Holiday’s):
per person per hour

Please remember only food and drink purchased at Planet JJs can be consumed in store. Children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult


(except Bank Holiday’s
11:00 till Last Game Played)

Tuesday – Friday

Last Game Played

Saturday & Sunday

Last Game Played

Sorry but no walkin’s after 19:00