Commander Party: Murders at Karlov Manor (17th February)

Planet JJs - Geekery 11 Quarry Hill Parade, Tonbridge

Welcome to Magic: The Gathering at Planet JJs Geekery! Play with others in a game that lets you explore rich worlds, discover unique strategies, and develop your skills… At Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Party, players will ask questions and sleuth details about their opponents' chosen attributes, earning gameplay boons for discerning the truth about their […]


One Piece Card Game – ST-11 Uta Deck Battle

One Piece TCG is a collectible card game themed on the world of ONE PIECE! Characters from all over the history of One Piece, including the anime, manga, and movies, are featured in the game, and there are even cards inspired by famous scenes from all of them! Collecting cards with various characters and illustrations […]

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