This page is intend to be completed by all those that have taken part in D&D sessions that started October 2021 at Planet JJs. Thank you for your understanding.

We can’t speak for everyone, but we know we have had a great time running our first sessions of D&D with you wonderful people. Though it may only be role play in an imaginary world, many memories and stories have been made!

Our original plan, as you may recall, was to start off doing a simple one shot to get things going then have a little campaign. With the goal of doing this all again with a new group of people (we have a waiting list!) – however we want to make sure we don’t leave people hanging or left out in the cold. So, we have a little(ish) questionnaire to get a feeling and idea what you are all thinking and expecting to happen after your current campaign.

Once again thank you all for making our D&D sessions fun, wonderful and a success!